about field transmission 01
*words by squish kibosh

The sounds "Lemniscate" or "lmnsct" serve as an audio counterpart to my visual communications of the same name.
These pieces were captured around 2011-2013 while living in Glasgow and are an attempt to synthesise what intercepted broadcasts and field recordings from other realities and worlds could sound like.
I was trying to minimise and subtract any human ideas of musical structure and form and attempted to approach my production on my shafted old laptop, already obsolete tracker software and far too many dodgy cracked VSTs as a method of manifesting
or channelling
living, alien or
extra-dimensional, organic entities and heavenly bodies.

I think through whatever tools a creator collaborates with can facilitate a conduit that is capable of tuning into and apprehending ideas from outside our individual limited perceptions.

With an understanding that there are universal laws governing every vibration rippling through space-time, the tracks always felt to me like something I had captured rather than created and the process and end result was something that I found and continue to find spiritually enriching.
I have to give big, big love to this genius Shanghai artist Kim Laughton who somehow found my stuff and reached out on that tumblr at the time and supported me on this. I ended up doing design for a collection of ponchos he curated and he used some sounds for his visuals.
The whole time felt like some crazy, surreal dream, like i tapped into something beautiful with constant signs from the universe that I was doing something right.
Doors to magical worlds that I didn't know existed were opening up for me daily and I found myself humbled and really spooked by the intangible yet unescapable force that had come into my reality and seemed to be directly responding to and supporting my creativity.
For first time I understood the true potential in a life dedicated to exploration, play and creation.
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